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the story?
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Hi! ​It's very nice to meet you! Wishing you abundance in all things now and always. We all are an equally important part of our eco-system and worthy of taking up space here on Mother Earth—just as we are.

Before I wrote this book, I spent much of my time renovating homes until circumstances called me to begin renovating myself. I chose to surrender to my chronic grumpiness and anger, and was finally open to getting help. After a ministry, several programs and learning to appreciate my unique self,  I received inspiration to write several children’s stories. I wrote the story of “The Grumpy lynx,” which our sons Theo and Tarek helped me with. Theo developed the character names and TT created the first illustrations. TT inspired me to practice doodling myself and after many months little Leo was created.

I then wrote 'I = AMC²: The Formula To Cash In Your Unique Jackpot' to shine a light on what I call, ‘the criminals’ that cause anger and grumpiness. I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far. Little Leo is essentially the me before the trauma that made me afraid to be myself and appreciate my unique sensitivities.

The Grumpy Lynx is the grumpy me on the inside and sometimes on the outside–trying to survive in what I perceived to be a hostile and scary world. With awareness my anger actually leads me to freedom from these criminals and to thrive and find happiness in various circumstances.

We can all feel grumpy and angry sometimes, or perhaps often like I did—and that can make it challenging to feel abundance and worthiness towards myself and others, so now I use a simple formula to help me use my emotions to find my unique happiness at any given moment, to feel better now and to improve my future.


Leo is often asked about his past and what he thinks with regards to various, supposedly, important subjects—and his response as of late is: “No thanks—I’m trying to quit.” “Ahhh quit…quit what?!” they ask him.


“Thinking, especially about the past, and thinking in general,” he replies. “It seems to interfere with my daydreaming, playing and creating in the now, he adds.”

When Leo’s busy, and not busy thinking about not thinking, you can find him in Long Island with his partner Ruth and their two amazing rascalitos TT and Theo—exploring forests, malls, rivers, amusement parks, mountains, the Lego aisle at various stores, caves, farmers markets, and grocery stores near and far.

"Curiosity is what we all are, we are ever learning, practicing, and expanding. I deserve to feel satisfied and joyful now and always.  That thought, that belief, is a choice—that only I can make for myself in each moment—and it's the same for you too!"

Much love,


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